Advanced Manufacturing

Using One of Our Many Strengths to Promote Economic Growth

Company Wanted--Apply to Economic Development

Company Wanted--Apply to Economic Development

Tazewell County has an excellent backbone of manufacturing companies.  In fact, our county has more manufacturing than any of the other counties in the e-Region.  Most of these companies have been engaged in the support of the mining industry.  However, with a downturn in the coal industry, these companies are beginning to diversify and capitalize on their product line, skilled workers and years of experience in manufacturing products. 

Tazewell County Economic Development in partnership with Southwest Virginia Community College, the Workforce Investment Board, Area 1, the Manufacturing Technology Center, Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing, the Southwestern Virginia Technology Council, the Procurement Technical Assistance Center, and the SWCC Small Business Development Center are continually working together to help diversify our manufacturing companies.  We are listening to their needs and are joining in efforts to make sure Tazewell County has a sustainable, skilled and trainable workforce for our existing companies as well as a maintaining a pipeline of talent for new companies wanting to take advantage of that workforce.

Advanced Manufacturing is not limited to emerging technologies; rather, it is composed of efficient, productive, highly integrated, tightly controlled processes across a spectrum of globally competitive U.S. manufacturers and suppliers. For advanced manufacturing to accelerate and thrive in the United States, it will require the active participation of communities, educators, workers, and businesses, as well as Federal, State, and local governments.

Economic Development is actively pursuing these opportunities for The Bluestone as well as other locations throughout the county.  As indicated above, we are actively involved with partners and directly with manufacturing companies in the county to help in any way we can to allow them to diversify and expand in the future.

Economic Development is also involved with other regional initiatives in advanced manufacturing.  A need for a manufacturing service or capability from one company in our area can be a business opportunity for another one.  Manufacturing companies can work together to create new opportunities of diversification.  Tazewell County has been part of an advanced manufacturing regional Blueprint for Sustaining Manufacturing in Southwest Virginia.  This Blueprint will help all Southwest Virginia promote the growth of the manufacturing sector and Tazewell County has the base to take advantage of that growth.