In addition to the state Enterprise Zone Incentives, local ones are also available to qualifying businesses.  The towns are also providing additional incentives to the ones provided by the county.  Below are available incentives from the localities:

Tazewell County

Local Property Tax Grant Incentive - Real Estate Grant (REG) and Tangible Personal Property Grant (TPPG)

Rehabilitated Real Estate Exemption (RRETE)

Building Permit and Development Fee Refund Incentive (BPDFR)

Town of Bluefield

Rehabilitative Real Estate Exemption (RRETE) - Real Estate Grant Incentive (REG) - Tangible Personal Property Grant Incentive (TPPG)

Town of Tazewell

Rehabilitative Real Estate Exemption (RRETE) - Building Permit and Development Fee Refund Incentive - Lodging Tax Refund Incentive (LTRI) - Meals Tax Refund Incentive (MTRI) - Business License Fee Abatement (BLFA)